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  • We at Nor Cal Solar Power can take care of all your construction or remodelling needs. We are able to give you the custom built solar system of your dreams, as oppose to a generic cookie cutter solar system kit sold by other companies.

  • By offering you our complete construction capabilities we can build you a much more attractive solar system than other solar companies. This means that the end result will be a much more architecturally and aesthetically appealing solar system.

  • With our custom built solar systems and additional construction services, we are able to generate a larger tax credit.

  • We also can optimize the energy efficiency of your home and business to work in harmony with your new solar system.

  • We have been serving your community for over 25 years, delivering quality built residential and commercial photovoltaic solar systems.

  • Owner run and operated with pride of ownership. We strive for satisfied customers, a quality built product and top notch customer service.


Save your money and help

save the planet

Solar energy is the future and Nor Cal Solar Power is leading the way. When you partner with us and add solar power to your home or business, you get a safe and reliable energy source that cuts your power bills and contributes to the health of the Earth.

Solar, the smartest financial choice you'll ever make

Switching to solar offers all kinds of financial benefits. From lower monthly power bills to federal tax credits, you'll love what solar power does for your bottom line.

Read more about the benefits of solar power

Nor Cal Solar carries the best products available

When you go with Nor Cal Solar, you get your choice of

the best products available including American-made photovoltaic solar systems.

See how solar power is right for your property

Battery backup systems are available to get you off the grid.

Learn how solar power works with the grid

$0 Money Down PV Solar Systems

Solar power is financially brilliant

  • Get your new solar system with no

        out-of-pocket expense

  • No credit checks

  • Eliminate your electricity bill

  • Protect yourself from the annually increasing PG&E bills

  • Get a 30% federal tax credit

  • Receive a $500.00 PAYMENT for every friend and neighbor you refer that goes solar with us

SAVE thousands of $$$ with solar and get a large tax credit, CALL (707) 486-9799 Contact Us

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Receive a $500.00 PAYMENT for every friend and neighbor you refer that goes solar with us!

Nor Cal Solar Power offers you more than other companies

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We can secure the solar funding that you are entitled too

We work with the newest solar funding programs. We will process the applications and  obtain the solar funding for you without the need of any credit checks or income verifications. Solar Funding is available to pay for up to 100% of the cost of your new PV solar system.

We have all the latest technology for your back up battery systems, Tesla and Sonnen.

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Urgent News Update:

When 5% of total power generated comes from solar, PG&E will change  their current NEM (Net Metering Agreement) customers that act before the change will realize substantial savings. To take advantage of the current NEM agreement, Call us now so we can complete your installation before this change take effect.